After watching the Documentary posted in the Mayan Multimedia page, please answer the following questions. Once answers are submitted, they will be pending my approval to post once all students have submitted before the due date:

What is Mayan writing called?

Evidence has been found that two things were fundamental components of life among the ancient Maya. What are they?

What did the Mayans consider the most precious and sacred thing that could repay the blood debt owed to the Gods?

What are the names of the two city-states that "locked horns" that are regarded as the dominant kingdoms?

What type of stone did the Mayans have a large amount of?

What is the name of the tallest temple in Tikal?

What is the name of the archaeologist that excavated Mayan temples in 1949?

Bonus question: What is the name of the actor who leads viewers through this documentary?


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    Please address the questions and answer to the best of your ability.


    March 2013